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Oh, Dr. Carol,
I want to cry I am so much happier with the way I look now.
I feel so much better.
I felt so gaunt and sunken with the sudden 30lb weight loss, and now I feel like I look healthy.
I cannot thank you enough.
The lumps on the jaw are gone.
The decolight is helping my neck wrinkles, I think.
I will write a review soon.
Thank you again for your time and care!

Carol listens very closely to your issues/requests and gives her professional opinion. I have had fabulous results and love the way I look.

I highly recommend her services!!

Dr. Carol is hands down the best anti-aging consultant I’ve ever worked with.

Driving to her gorgeous Vermont estate is something I look forward to every 3 months, and visiting her llamas is an added bonus for sure! Dr. Carol is a kind, knowledgeable, caring person that I would feel comfortable recommending anyone to. She will calmly listen to your skin concerns and respond with the perfect direction in which to take your skincare routine.

If you are considering a facial peel, Xeomin, or if you just want the help of a professional to take your skincare to the next level, do not hesitate in making an appointment at Vermont Facial Aesthetics, you will not regret it!

Dr. Carol has great knowledge and passion for skincare. Prices are reasonable & she has great products to purchase. She is easy to reach and responds quickly to questions. Her skin is impeccable – she clearly knows what she is doing.

I’d highly recommend that you go see her for all of your skincare needs.

I absolutely adore Dr. Carol.

I was referred to her through a friend after being disappointed with other aesthetic options in the Upper Valley. She really is like the Auntie you never had, who shares with you all of her beauty secrets. Very reasonably priced, she has a lot of great products to add to your arsenal of skin care.

Come for the skin rejuvenation and stay for the llamas, bird watching, and conversation…. and don’t forget to take your vitamins!

Dr. Carol is warm, funny and takes the time to explain options, possible side effects, and realistic results. Her consultation was thorough and very informative. I immediately felt at home, and the visit far exceeded my expectations.

I researched her and her practice before booking my appointment, and her accomplishments are solidly impressive. I arrived looking very tired and haggard (picture an evil Disney queen), and left looking and feeling refreshed and at least 10 years younger!

I will go to Dr. Carol for any facial refreshments I need! Thank you, Dr. Carol!

Great conversations, beautiful birdies to watch, a comfortable atmosphere, rejuvenation, and laughs! Do yourself a favor and check out VFA!!!

Absolutely the best, want to feel AMAZING? go see Dr. Carol

you are beautiful + wonderful and you made me feel beautiful!! our trip went well and i felt SO much better about my ’STUFF’! thank you SOoOooOo much, carol. you did a FAB job. (of course!) you even won john over it seems. he’s never ‘got it’, but after the bruises went away and he had a chance to stare at me at dinner in New York , he told me “carol really did do a great job”. THAT is huge!!  win-win!?!  you rock.
I absolutely love the products I have used. The best I have ever used and have seen a ton of difference.

 The retinol has been awesome as well as that spf tizo cream which is great. I plan to stock up. I live in Springfield so I will get the products next time I have my appt with you.

45th birthday coming up in a few days… this is what 45 looks like! Gotta give some credit where credit is due- thank you so much for helping me to always look as good as I feel ????
My skin great after the peel. A lot more even and healthy looking. The issue on my chin went away too.
A true artist appreciates their work too. Thank you for learning how to help people like me.
Dear Dr Carol:

Thanks so much for all the wonderful work you did!! The results are fantastic! You took at least 10 years off my face! I am so grateful to you!

Smooth trip home and easy transition back to my work! Love thinking of you in such a gorgeous home and surroundings!

a Friend

Hi Carol,

I think of you every day when I look in the mirror. You are truly an artistic genius and have given me back something I thought I had lost. I discovered what seemed temporarily lost on the exterior was found inside.

Thank you.

I am so happy.

I’ve gotten so many compliments on how bright I look regardless if I am tired or not!

Absolutely perfect!!

It was really nice to visit with you, I like it even better than the office, really! You are such a lovely lady, Your place is peaceful and beautiful.

I am such a baby with the pain, it really wasn’t bad, ice helps! Talk to you soon! Take care, I am glad you are feeling better, you look amazing.

Dr. Carol,

You put the Merry in my Christmas when you fixed my face!

Thank you again for making my experience at your salon an enjoyable one.

Your knowledge and expertise helped me make the right decision for the treatment I needed to achieve the results I wanted. I look as good as I feel. Very natural and relaxed. No one suspects that I had anything done. They just say I look great and well rested. When I look in the mirror I now see the person I feel like.

I would recommend that anyone considering any type of facial treatment to seek you out first.

First, I thank you for the Botox injections. After I saw you, I wasn’t convinced that removing the lines in my forehead was worth the investment, but after the treatment took effect, my husband began to notice. First he told me that the cream I use was really working.

Then he couldn’t believe how good I looked. He said the lines were completely gone and that they had been so deep, you could have planted something in them. Nice… He’s even started to say it in front of people! He said he didn’t want to know what I did, but I look great.

I guess it was worth the investment!

My face is FABULOUS!

The forehead lines are gone, the evil elf lift over my eye brow is gone and my lips are much improved – and I can talk and no food falls out of my mouth so I think the amount was just right. I also got the retin-a cream and I already think I see and feel a difference.

12 years ago I came down with a severe case of Bell’s Palsy. I never fully recovered. It left the right side of my face lopsided an my smile very crooked. I had been treated with Botox for facial spasms but the doctor I was seeing never addressed the aesthetics of my face. I wouldn’t allow anyone to take pictures of me and I felt because my looks had changed so much that I had lost part of my identity.

Then I met Dr. Carol. She gave me a very thorough exam and said she could make my face look so much better as well as address the medical issues of the spasms. I had my appointment and when she was done I looked in the mirror and I was amazed. I think I cried on and off for the rest of the day. I looked like I did 12 years ago. Now I don’t mind having my pictures taken it takes me a lot less time to do my makeup. My friends and family have noticed the change in me and I get “you look younger” a lot. Dr. Carol gave me back so much and I am forever grateful!

Carol, Thank you again, again, and again!

Oh my goodness… discovering Vermont Facial Aesthetics was a ‘strawberry bonus’ day! Let me tell you about it!Owned by Carol Boerner, MD, and located across from Dan & Whit’s in Norwich, Carol is a wealth of information about skin health, not to mention a total hoot! Her technician, Kylee is equally as delightful and lovely. Walking into the VFA office is like going to a friend’s home – warm and welcoming. Eleanor Roosevelt’s words, framed in gold, greet you. “Beautiful young people are accidents of Nature. Beautiful old(er) people ware works of art.” VFA offers three primary non-surgical services to help you look rejuvenated and refreshed. 1. Botox, which instantly smooths away the furrowed brow that is likely the reason why friends ask, “what’s wrong?”, or, “why are you angry?” 2. Dermal fillers that re-inflate sagging places on your face, and, 3. An FDA approved machine called the Exilis (emphasis on the first syllable, like ‘Excellent’). This machine uses radio-frequency energy to melt away fat and tighten skin. Seriously… if you’ve always wanted to get rid of that “pinch an inch” (or two) on your waist or butt or thighs (yes…it truly does get rid of fat), or those jiggly arm areas, contact Carol for a complimentary consultation. Her slogan, “Your Face, Your Story, Your Way,” says it all.I love what Vermont Facial Aesthetics offers the Upper Valley, in charming, ‘away-from-the-crowd’ place. I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about this new business and encourage you to check it out. You have nothing to lose, except those things you don’t like anyway!-Most sincerely, Leslie Clancy
Dr. Carol notes that she now only serves clients at her home in Reading.