Dark Spot Removal Serum

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VFA is now going after pigment! Not only with peels, but with daily serum treatments.

The Problem: Fighting Discoloration

The leading cause of pigmentation comes from over exposure of the sun’s harmful UV Rays. The UV Rays penetrate the skin and trigger the overproduction of Melanin. The Melanin is then absorbed into the skin cells forming sun damage induced pigment. For many people the Melanin continues to be formed long after the exposure to the sun.

Skincare - Dark Spot Removal Serum

The Solution: Sun Damage Has A New Hero

The TRI-ER8ASE™ Complex in the Dark Spot Lifting Serum is a breakthrough proprietary acid blend that uses a dual action formula to penetrate the epidermis and works by suppressing new Melanin from being formed, while also stopping existing Melanin from being absorbed into skin cells. With a 360° approach, this corrective serum fights Melanin production from all angles, delivering glowing results with every use.


Use twice a day. The Dark Spot Lifting Serum is safe for all skin types, formulated for daily use, and can easily be added into your normal skincare routine without the contraindications that other more advanced RX treatments may have. This product is also recommended as a safer solution for patients who are looking for corrective treatment, but may be pregnant, or looking to become pregnant*.

*Always consult your physician before beginning any new regime

Clinically Proven Results

  • 81% saw significant results with nearly two-thirds seeing results in as little as 4 weeks
  • 81% saw brighter skin and more even skin tone and texture
  • Over two-thirds saw improvement in the appearance of stubborn brown patches

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