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Cosmetic Peels are a way to remove several layers of dull surface skin cells that contain discolorations, fine lines, and wrinkles. There are various depths of peels. Non-medical technicians can only do very superficial peels-it just isn’t safe for them to remove much skin.

I use VIPeels, a medium depth peel that can really make a difference in your skin. It is a comfortable experience because it actually uses an anesthetic in the peel solution so you are only aware of the liquid going on.

The worst you can feel is like having a little sunburn later on as you peel. The peel comes with very easy instructions for you and tubes of really strong sunscreen ( obviously your skin is very sensitive to UV while peeling ) and an anti-itch, anti-sting cream to use whenever you like.

Cosmetic Peel – Reduce Small Wrinkles

Crow's Feet - Before

If your character lines have already developed, you’re partially in luck: approaches to get rid of crow’s feet can be simpler than eliminating grooves or furrows found elsewhere on your face.

Crow's Feet - After

Don’t let fine lines let you look older than you feel.

Cosmetic Peel – Acne Scars

Acne Scars - Before

Acne Scars - After

You don’t look THAT bad with a peel.