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The goal in any facial rejuvenation treatment is to make the fibroblasts in the skin produce more collagen.

Collagen provides the scaffolding and support for your skin. Slathering on cosmeceuticals will help to build some collagen-but only about 10 percent of a cream can be absorbed by the intact skin. Remember, your skin is the barrier between you and the outside environment, it cannot be too porous or you would evaporate!

By creating micropunctures with the Eclipse microneedling pen, about 80% of creams and serums will be absorbed. These tiny holes also stimulate the healing response in your skin. What is healing? the production of new, fresh collagen.

Microneedling is used to tighten skin, reduce pore size, reduce fine wrinkling and soften acne scars. It is wonderful for treating lip lines. ( We are waiting for some Before and After lip line treatment photos, believe me!) It takes 3-6 sessions, 4-6 weeks apart to get the final results because it takes that amount of time for the fibroblasts to make that precious new collagen. The effect lasts a year or so. Most people get a touch-up in 6-12 months to keep the revved up collagen production going all the time.

High strength chemical peels (done by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons – not the gentle medium depth chemical peels done here) and resurfacing lasers also stimulate the surface of the skin to stimulate the fibroblasts to make new collagen. Some say it overstimulates the healing response since depigmentation and scarring can result from some of these treatments, not our peels and micro-needling. There are also 1-2 weeks of a red, oozing face to deal with after deep peels and laser resurfacing! Not a nice way to spend your time off. By contrast, immediately after Microneedling, the skin looks very red- pink-like a moderate sunburn. This will fade in a day or two. You can put cover-up makeup on when it is dry in 1-2 days.


Here are some before and after photos.

How it works

We like to treat the entire face, even when you are only concerned with your lip lines. Believe me, you will look odd if only the skin around your lips looks fresh. Think of that milk ad! Extra attention will be paid to whatever area is of most concern. First, an anesthetic cream is applied. Then you wait 20-30 minutes for it to work well. Next, we clean your face.

With you resting comfortably back in the exam chair, Dr.Carol applies serums and moves the Eclipse pen across your face in multiple directions. That is it. You will leave the office wearing sunscreen only on your skin. Adding eye makeup and lipstick is fine. There is no significant pain associated with this treatment. People say, “it feels like you are sandpapering my face”. A weird sensation but not painful. If you are very sensitive, Dr.Carol can inject some anesthesia, like the dentist does, to totally numb the lip.

Afterward, your skin will swell a little bit and the wrinkles will soften away. You will be thrilled, but this effect is just a glimpse of the future results since the swelling will disappear as the healing-collagen production ensues. You will see the final result months – as long as three – after the last treatment. We ask that you apply lots of our medical grade moisturizers and sunscreen after the treatment.

That is it!