Facial wrinkles aren’t something that you need to accept as an unavoidable sign of growing older. In addition to some of the steps that you can take to protect your skin and slow the signs of aging, there are now more cosmetic treatments than ever to even out your skin tone and refresh your appearance. This includes injectables like BOTOX and XEOMIN® that can often create amazing results for three months or longer.

Relaxants or Fillers?

Many patients tend to think of injectable cosmetic treatments as being relatively similar, but relaxants and fillers are actually quite different. Facial wrinkles can develop for a variety of reasons such as a loss of skin volume, repeated facial muscle use, and even sun damage.

Many injectables and creams are designed to reduce the visibility of wrinkles, but only BOTOX and XEOMIN® will actually affect the muscles. Over the years, facial muscles will often remain clenched without us even realizing it. This can create bulging jaw muscles and wrinkle patterns such as crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead lines. For these types of wrinkles one must use  BOTOX and Xeomin® injections, not fillers.

BOTOX and XEOMIN® Injections

Originally used to treat crossed eyes, spasms of the eyelids and chronic migraines, researchers found that BOTOX® also softened fine lines and wrinkles near the injection sites. A Canadian husband and wife Dr team had this “ah ha” moment in the 1980s, and a whole new science was born. Since it has been approved by the FDA, tens of millions of injections have been carried out.

Can Anyone Get BOTOX or XEOMIN®?

When injected by an experienced specialist, BOTOX and XEOMIN® are both safe and effective. Since XEOMIN does not have a protein coat, it causes less possible flu like reactions. This treatment is a suitable option for any adult who is in relatively good health and unhappy with their appearance due to facial wrinkles.

There are only a few medical issues that could affect the results such as nearby incisions from surgery, or a rash near the injection site. These issues will not always totally prevent a patient from receiving injections, and it is important to speak with the doctor about all of your treatment options.

Preparing for Your New Look

BOTOX and XEOMIN® injections can often be carried out in just 15 minutes and require absolutely no downtime. You can step out of your appointment and immediately head back to work or your other daily errands.

Preparing for this treatment requires nothing but remembering your wallet.  After the injections have taken place, patients should begin to notice changes to their skin over the next few days. At 2 weeks, the full effects of BOTOX or XEOMIN® should be seen. That is why I see first time clients back in 2 weeks-to make sure the result is perfect.

It is important to do the treatment every 3 1/2 months to really decrease the bulk of the muscles involved. Then I can use less product and even space out the visits more. Contact Vermont Facial Aesthetics today to get started.