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carol-leopard-819x1024Teoxane is the name of our new skincare line. Why did we choose Teoxane? I researched and sampled and talked to people all over the world, literally. I have found a product line that is SIMPLE to use and AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE. Thus I have introduced the Teoxane Trio, as we like to call it, to the Upper Valley.I have all bought our fair share of splendid product lines with sterling guarantees and good intentions. Actually, I have always been intimidated by those rows of products recommended to me. But I buy them because,”this time I will stick to the regime”. After I buy them, they languish on the back of my sink, getting dusty and falling onto the floor. I criticize myself for buying so much stuff that doesn’t fit into my lifestyle-or carry-on bag! And so it goes. Now the routine of Teoxane primer and serum in the AM and Teoxane primer, serum, and refiner at night is so easy and comfortable to do, that I haven’t missed a time since I started!

This email, from a lady who just started  the Teoxane Trio, says it all!

Dr. Carol,
I had to pass along that I had used the Teoxane last night and this morning. A friend who has not seen me in a week asked me immediately, what had I done differently with my skin. She said it was so smooth! I guess I’m sold!

And this is her letter 3 weeks later:

Just touching base with an update on my Teoxane use. After about 3 weeks, the results are more than noticeable. People who just meet me are commenting on how wonderful my skin looks. I had 2 dark spots, one on either side of my nose. One is gone, the other is just about gone. I’m more than impressed with the results.
The saleswoman at Sephora wrote down all the info because she was commenting on my skin. She says she will be in Friday. My mother is interested as well. I’m giving her my sample of the serum to try.
Ridiculously happy with the product!

One more: A 70-ish lady who had been using her Teoxane Trio for three weeks went to her yearly visit with her internist. As she entered the room, the Doctor gasped and said,” your skin looks so young and beautiful, what have you been doing? ”





1.  AM & PM : Cleanse or rinse your skin with your preferred product or water.

2. Just like an artist, prepare your face like preparing your canvas, with the RHA PRIME SOLUTION. Simply shake the bottle, then moisten a small cotton ball and stroke it over your face, neck and upper chest. This solution contains the RHA-Resilient Hyaluronic Acid, that N-Acetyl Glucosamine-6-phosphate, the restructuring complex of minerals etc and rose water. It is so refreshing ! You will also be amazed to find what your cleanser missed .

3.  Now apply the RHA SERUM- it contains the highest concentration of patented hyaluronic acid available for moisturizing. Hyaluronic acid binds water so it creates volume in the skin-read plumpness and luminescence. Use one squirt for face, one for neck and chest. This will visibly smooth and brighten your skin in 14 days. Because of its plumping effect, fine lines and wrinkles will also be diminished. Use it all around your eyes. The skin there is thin and will absorb it all quickly so you don’t need an eye cream.

4. Time for sunscreen if you are venturing outdoors in ANY season! Add whatever sunscreen or make-up you like. Try to make it SPF of 30, at least.  We love our TIZO-just enough tint in a silky smooth lotion and a SPF of 40.

5.  At nighttime, please wash your face and repeat the PRIMER and SERUM. Then use the RHA SKIN REFINER. This product has all the goodies in the other products plus 10% Glycolic acid. This last ingredient will help gently exfoliate, further reducing fine lines and age spots. If you are a Retin-A gal, please alternate evenings between the two products. Put the SERUM on first before either using the REFINER or your Retin-A product ( Renova, Refissa etc). Do NOT put your Retin-A into the Refiner! This is too much exfoliation stimulation and you will peel!! Simply use your prior, non-retinol containing, night time moisturizer with a pea sized dollop of  your Retin-A- the 0.025%-0.1% that I prescribe for you in it.

After this, just get ready for the compliments!

About TEOXANE Laboratories…… TEOXANE Laboratories was established in Geneva in 2003. This woman-owned company specializes in the design and manufacture of hyaluronic acid -based wrinkle-filling products. As a result of its uncompromising commitment to innovation, quality and patient satisfaction, TEOXANE is now among the top three hyaluronic acid based wrinkle product manufacturers in the world. With products in more than 90 countries, its alliance with U.S.-based ALPHAEON will bring its full line of products to market in the United States.

Here is the science part: Unlike traditional hyaluronic acid, Teoxane’s RHA Resilient Hyaluronic Acid is uniquely formulated to provide a hydrating layer on the surface of the skin. It moisturizes and tightens the skin while acting as a matrix, rich in ingredients, that are gradually released into the skin. This provides anti-oxidants for epidermal regeneration and epidermal-dermal strengthening. The restructuring complex includes a combination of  8 amino acids, 3 anti-oxidants, 2 minerals and vitamin B6 as well as N-acetyl glucosamine- 6- phosphate.



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