We have been working very hard this winter with the VIPeels – and we are getting some amazing results! Peels are done in a series to remove pigment, fine lines and skin texture issues. Now we are using peels and Microneedling sequentially to get spectacular results.

Our biggest effort now is to launch our PRP Microneedling hair restoration. What is this? It is the use of your own growth factors, extracted from your blood, to stimulate the regrowth of your hair. This works in both women and men. The cost is $500/session and 4 sessions may be necessary. This is MUCH less expensive than hair transplants and there is no scar to hide! We have both a lady and gentleman volunteer whose progress we will follow on the site, so stay tuned!

Here is the best comment you can get after investing in yourself at VFA,

“How come you look younger every time I see you?” said to a happy client who shared with me yesterday, made MY day!

It’s February 24th. Here is the news from the International Masters Class on Aging Skin, or IMCAS. This meeting is held in Paris every winter and attracts a truly international crowd. Here were my impressions from the 2015 show:

Big push for NATURAL LOOKS. No more of the hyper-inflated face ideal. Good-bye Barbie dolls! Phew!

One goal that was stressed at IMCAS is to get hyaluronic acid into the skin directly-so that it will plumpen and beautify the skin. As always, the other goal is to regenerate beauty thru collagen stimulation. That is what we do with our Teoxane Skincare line and Microneedling so VFA is already right on message.

There are advances in needles that do not hurt!

HAIR REGROWTH was HUGE. I saw, and petted, the fuzzy heads of men who were bald 3 months ago! This is accomplished by using Microneedling to introduce the patients own growth factors back into the scalp skin. We will be doing this at VFA! Know anyone to refer? Need an amazing gift for the man in your life who would like more hair?

look here :Microneedling hair growth with PRP – Google Search

I was really intrigued with the work on the genes for Younger Skin. Yes, they have isolated the genes that give their owners skin that ages more slowly than others. And, interestingly, they are NOT the same as the longevity genes! There is a machine from SCITON that uses Broad Band Light to stimulate the genes in your skin to turn them into more younger functioning genes, hence younger skin. I saw the 10-yes 10- year follow-ups. Truly amazing. Go to this site : www.ForeverYoungBBL.com and see for yourself. If I could get 100 clients to sign up for 2 treatments a year ($ 300/treatment) to make their skin look younger in 10 years, I would get this machine.

And for all of you with a bag of fat under the chin….there is a chemical, ATX-101 that can be injected there to melt the fat away. Then one would get Exilis to tighten the skin and, Voila- a younger jawline.

Need an amazing gift for the person who has almost everything? well, if they don’t have soft feet, you can get them a Babyfoot skin rejuvenation to do at home! Let them relax with the booties for an hour and then remove the layers of dead skin. No more “lethal weapons ” under the sheets :) Give your Tootsie a tootsie wrap.

February is a slow time in the Beauty Business and a great time to go to meetings and learn what’s hot or not. I am off to Paris -I know, tough life, but it is just as far as California or Vegas- for the International Masters Class on Aging Skin. This is a stimulating meeting, to put it mildly. Great speakers and tons of exhibitions. This is where last year I found the cold probe that I use to numb the skin before injections.Who knows what I will find this year! The International flavor is also interesting. What is the beauty aesthetic in Lebanon or Spain compared to here? In the Middle East, do the women choose their “rejuvenations” or do their husbands?

As many of you have heard, I was in a serious automobile accident in early September and broke off a piece of bone in my neck. Although this sounds bad enough for me, it totaled my poor Subaru Outback. I volunteered to make a survivor commercial for Subaru, but they declined.

I have taken this enforced downtime to evaluate How and What Vermont Facial Aesthetics is doing. I think that we have strayed a little bit from the definition of Medi-Spa. A Medi-spa is a Spa where the products are a step up in quality from those at a general Spa. I do not mean terribly more expensive, just more effective because of the improved (in quality and quantity)  ingredients in medical grade products and the medical oversight provided by a MD and a Certified Aesthetic Nurse. Thus we have added TEOXANE SKINCARE to our offerings.

We now offer VIPeels. These peels will remove fine lines and sun damage. Get your peel now in the dark days of winter. How about Vampire Facelifts!? Sounds…..well scary maybe? This is a procedure of adding the growth factors from your blood to filler injections for fuller, longer lasting results. Stay tuned here to learn more about them soon.

Low cal refreshment?  I am always looking for a refreshing non sugared drink.  I visited Infuse Me in the Powerhouse Mall. This is the new home of a vast selection of olive oils and Balsamic vinegars in a kaleidoscopic range of flavors. Gail, one of the owners, offered me a drink that was just plain delicious-cranberry-pear flavored Balsamic vinegar in water! I have never had it before. Very refreshing and filling too. Not bad for 15 calories! I came home and made a pitcher full and put it in the fridge!