This 42-year-old lady consulted me for the circles under her beautiful eyes. She felt that her entire face was “falling down”. This is a very perceptive observation indeed and guided our treatments.

Circles under the eyes can be shadows below puffy lower eyelids or discoloration of the thin, fragile skin itself. Sometimes the skin is so thin that the “discoloration” is just the blood in the blood vessels under this fine skin. Restalyn silk is a hyaluronic acid based filler that I used to fill the circles, depressions, under her eyes. Radiesse was used to lift her cheeks and seemed to remold her cheekbones. This lifting effect even smoothed her jawline. I used some Xeomin (muscle relaxer that I think is better than Botox) to smooth her chin and soften the arch of her brows. She started to use our Intensive Recovery Cream and Radiant C creams a month ago to help with her skin quality. Look at her glow!

Read how she likes this below:

Dr. Carol! – this is my perfect! You were so right about which cheek needed a tad more- I can’t even believe it, I don’t know why I kept seeing it differently, but you are an amazing artist! I trust you and look at this before and after- both taken without makeup- and granted the before was taken first thing in the am, but wow! So effortlessly natural looking!

I used to keep looking in the mirror and see all the places that bothered me and spent so much time trying to fix with makeup without overdoing the makeup and now I’m spending so much time looking in the mirror at how perfect I feel and look, and I don’t even need any stinkin’ makeup! (except for the sunscreen of course!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!