enVy Pillow

Sleeping on your back in the “mummy position” decreases wrinkles and compression lines on your face and fluid in the bags under your eyes.

The problem is: how to do it?

The enVy pillow is designed to help you sleep on your back, or at least, just a little bit on your side. It was designed by a nurse in Canada who does facial rejuvenation and her lady chiropractor friend. They were relaxing after playing ice hockey together and invented this pillow to help their patients. I have used it myself and to my amazement, IT WORKS!  I ALWAYS wake up on my back no matter when and it cured my morning neck and back of the head pain.

The enVy pillow has been awarded CE approval as a medical device because it keeps the face from being flattened by the pillow and it keeps the neck in proper alignment.

The enVy pillow comes with its own travel case so it easily rolls into a 6×12 inch cylinder to pack or to swing over your shoulder by its silken cord as you use it on long trips. I never travel without mine!

We all know that sleeping on your back is best for your face. Find out more here: http://envypillow.com


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