Cosmetic Peels are a way to remove several layers of dull surface skin cells that contain discolorations, fine lines and wrinkles. There are various depths of peels. Non-medical technicians can only do very superficial peels-it just isn’t safe for them to remove much skin. I use VIPeels, a medium depth peel that can really make a difference in your skin. It is a comfortable experience because it actually uses an anesthetic in the peel solution so you are only aware of the liquid going on. The worst you can feel is like having a little sunburn later on as you peel. The peel comes with very easy instructions for you and tubes of really strong sunscreen ( obviously your skin is very sensitive to UV while peeling ) and an anti-itch, anti-sting cream to use whenever you like.

Anti-Aging Cosmetic Peel

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Acne Improvement Cosmetic Peel

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Tone and Texture Cosmetic Peel

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Pigmentation Cosmetic Peel

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What to Expect

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Here is an essay that I wrote after my first VIPeel: How to have a peel without losing your mind… My additions to the directions….

There are directions from VIPeel in your take home package. READ THEM!! Your result depends on your FOLLOWING THEIR INSTRUCTIONS! Having just had my very first peel ever, I thought that I would share some helpful hints….

When they say, “leave the peel on alone for at LEAST 4 hours” they really mean undisturbed, no sweating, no touching, no make-up, no sunscreen-nada. You will look fine. Maybe even a bit bronzed, depending on your skin type. You can have a peel in the afternoon and go back to work if you follow the rules above. You can restart make-up the NEXT day.

When you decide to wash it off, use COOL water and the cleanser in the packet. DO NOT RUB. The only thing you rub on your face is the towlette with all the goodies in it. Swipe it over your face as they say and rub it on the trouble spots. Literally. Do NOT rinse, DO NOT TOUCH. Wash your hands well immediately or they will get very dry. After 10 minutes put on the post peel protector (ppp).

Wait at least an hour until it is time to do the one-hour before bed stuff. However, if you are really pooped, put on more ppprotector and go to bed. You can use the second towlette in the morning after rinsing with COOL water and cleanser. Wait 10 minutes and put on more ppp, wait 10 minutes more then apply their special sunscreen.

Day 2 is just lots of ppp and the one-hour before bed routine. Face feels TIGHT. DON’T TOUCH….

Day 3 the peeling starts. Do not help, sit on your hands, pull taffy, needlepoint… etc. I never realized until I had this peel how often I touch my face without thinking! You can trim sheets of peeling skin with manicure scissors if you need to.

Days 4-6 you will still be peeling but less and less. The more problem skin you have, the more you will peel. I had a party at my old VFA office on day 5 and looked fine, well nobody said I looked funny …

I am a “picker”; I like my skin smooth. I rubbed when I rinsed to help things along. REALLY BAD IDEA. I burned like heck, everything made it worse, I freaked. Remedy for stupid: splash with the coldest water you can, pat dry to damp, put the ppp into your palms and rub them together to spread it out, then press the palms gently onto your face and release. It is the rubbing that makes it hurt! Do not help the peel. I did and I was miserable. You can also cause pigment scarring by “helping” the peel.

If you are itchy: rinse in COOL water, reapply the ppp as above. Put wet paper towels in the freezer and apply as needed. Use lots of the ppp, many, 2-6, times a day! If the feeling is making you crazy, apply an ice pack (dryly) and take ibuprophen or Benedryl. Did I mention, do not touch? And do not rub!

I am writing this at Day 7. I love my face. What did I learn that could help you? Do not touch and pick! The next time I will enter a knitting contest, work on the potting wheel or otherwise occupy my hands. I will use more ppp-applying it with the press and release technique. I did not realize how often I needed to apply the ppp until too late in the process. I would suggest having the cosmetic peel on Wednesday or Thursday so that you can lay low over the weekend.

Cheers to your success too!! Dr.Carol