Skin Care Suggestions

Easy Peasy & Incredible Skincare

Skin care needs to be as important as the other things you do to maintain your health and well-being. Moreover, the look of your skin has a major impact on your appearance. Here are some easy ways to help your skin look its best.

First, there is NUTRITION – NO artificial sugars (it causes dulling in the skin as it breaks down AND makes you hungry) and limit your sugar. Eat the good fats and stay hydrated. Don’t eat anything you can’t pronounce.

Obviously, don’t smoke and ALWAYS, ALWAYS wear at least SPF 30 SUNSCREEN, WITH ZINC OXIDE even inside and even on cloudy days. Remember that cancer – causing light rays go through glass!

VITAMINS are essential to hydrate you from the inside out and protect your skin. The more anti-oxidants, the better. I also suggest:

Barleans brand high lignan Flax Seed Oil, 3,000 mg in the AM
Astaxanthin 10mg, Vitamin D 5000u, Pycnogenol, 100 mg

Easy Peasy Skincare for my typical lady:

AM: Rinse face, apply Needle Free or Teoxane Serum-let it dry
Apply hydrating TIZO sunscreen, apply again after sports or if out all day

PM: Wash with favorite cleanser, apply Needle Free or Teoxane Serum-let it dry. Apply Retin-A or other therapy cream.

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