Skin Therapy

Skin Therapy means a twice daily skin care regimen at home using professional products. Don’t groan! The older you are, the longer it takes to look like you are “not doing anything for your looks”. You do Skin Therapy simply to look good and feel good about taking care of yourself. You brush your teeth twice a day without thinking about it, what’s a few more minutes? Adding our easy skin care regime will soon become an easy habit too. And, you will LOVE the results! Click on over to the Teoxane Skincare page as well as our Private Label Line options to learn more about our easy skincare suggestions. Medical grade skincare is just that; MEDICAL GRADE components in large enough quantities to make a noticeable difference in your skin. Teoxane is an amazing addition to your skincare regime. Please click on Teoxane above to find out more.

Skin Therapy is not a luxury to be enjoyed only by the rich and famous. Proper skincare is simply part of good hygiene.

You can take good care of your skin by following these simple and not pricey suggestions:

1. Stay well hydrated -not with sodas :) as sugar ages your skin and fake sugars make you hungry.

2. Sleep 7-8 hours a night – preferably on your back-we have the EnVy pillow for sale here to help you sleep comfortably on your back! If you snore too much when you sleep on your back, please have yourself evaluated by Medical Professionals. Snoring can be a sign of important medical problems, so call The Alice Peck Day Sleep lab 603.448.7436 and see how they can help.

3. Stay out of the sun and use at least SPF 30. Even in the winter and cloudy days those evil UV beams are reflected onto your face. Remember that UV-A light travels through glass and can age your skin as you drive along on a bright winter day. We offer TIZO sunscreen that has a SPF of 40 and is sweat and water proof for 80 minutes so you can be active outdoors. If you must look tan, you can always call for an organic Spray Tan from AVIVA at 603.381.2113. They will even come to your house and do it there!

4. Eat a non-processed food diet. If you cannot pronounce the ingredients, don’t eat them!

5. Take nutraceuticals like Barlean’s Flax Seed oil, astaxanthin (an algae based red pigment molecule in the carotenoid family), pycnogenol (French pine bark to hydrate the skin) and Heliocare (the pill that protects your skin from burning) to enhance your skin.

These are the basics of good skincare. Now you can try some injectable rejuvinations to enhance your skin and your look even more naturally ageless.

If you need more TEOXANE, or our other products, please give us a call (802)356-2343, or email me a wish list, and tell me what you need. I do make deliveries since I am in Norwich weekly for a fabulous massage with Ryan (Holistic Hands (802)299-8683).