When was the last time that you have a good night’s sleep? If you cannot remember, join the club. Many Americans find themselves tossing and turning through the night because it is impossible to get comfortable. You wake up with a stiff neck, sore back, and the signs of exhaustion staring back at you in the mirror. Lack of sleep is more than a nuisance. It can affect your health and make you look older as more wrinkles appear day by day. If you have been struggling to get the rest that you need, consider the benefits of the enVy™ pillow to help you have sweet dreams.

What is the enVy™ Pillow?

The enVy™ pillow is a pillow that has been specifically designed to align your spine and provide your neck with therapeutic support. When your neck is properly positioned at night, you will find that it offers you a host of benefits. Your airways will open up, allowing you to breathe freely and avoid problems with sleep apnea. You will not wake up with a stiff neck, sore shoulders, or a back that feels like it is out of alignment. The enVy™ pillow will finally allow you to get a full night’s sleep that has been recommended by doctors on a regular basis. When you sleep well with consistence, you will be more mentally alert, regulate your metabolism, and aid your cells in doing vital repairs while you are at rest. The enVy™ pillow has been designed to give you the gift of sleep, a gift that offers you many returns.

The enVy™ Pillow and the Fight against Aging

In addition to offering you many health benefits and improved comfort, the enVy™ pillow can help you to stave off signs of aging as well. When you lie on your side at night, your face presses into the pillow. This causes lines to form that can stay with you once you get up. Over time, you will see an increase in wrinkles. With the enVy™ sleep pillow, you will no longer apply pressure to either side of your face. Eventually, you are more likely to sleep on your back. Sleeping on your back will diminish the signs of aging, causing fewer sleep lines to appear each night.

Experience the Difference the enVy™ Pillow Can Make

With the enVy™ pillow as your nightly companion, you can reap the rewards that come with a neck that is properly aligned. When your neck is in the right position, your shoulders and spine will follow. You will no longer have pressure on the delicate skin of your face, avoiding unwanted creases caused by traditional pillows. If you treat your skin at night with moisturizers or other facial products, you will not have to worry about anything wiping off on your pillow. The enVy™ pillow benefits your skin and spinal health at the same time.

If you are interested in an enVy™ pillow, we can provide one to you at Vermont Facial Aesthetics. Contact us today to start sleeping better, feel a renewed sense of energy, and recapture that youthful glow with the enVy™ pillow.