The Benefits of Botox or Xeomin Treatments

Muscle relaxation is the general term used to describe the line softening effects of Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport. These are the three muscle relaxation products on the market now.

Xeomin is the exact same substance as in Botox but without the protein coat. So, I think of it as a refined Botox product.

How is Botox or Xeomin used?

The number 1 request I receive from clients is to treat the vertical lines between their eyebrows. Relaxing and reducing the vertical lines between your eyebrows is something that will help to make you look younger. Moreover, to reduce the lines you may have between your eyebrows will also help to make you look less tired and angry.

As an added benefit to seeing a reduction in the lines between your eyebrows can make you feel more positive and inject you with added energy. How does that work? It is a great question! Research has shown that fading those lines makes you look less stressed, so, when you look in the mirror you do not see an angry or tired person. This serves to boost your mood and then you feel less tired which translates into a more pleasant disposition and more energy. One study showed that softening the verticals had the same effect on depression as taking Prozac. The things that you can do to enable yourself to feel better about yourself can be very positive. Plus, the only side effects are the compliments that “you look refreshed”, “you look happy” or “did you just come back from a vacation? – you look great!”.

Muscle relaxation treatments using Botox or Xeomin may even have a long-term result where lines on your face fade over time. This is because the use of Botox or Xeomin reduces the muscle contractions that have made the lines in the first place.

A less-requested but still common use of Botox or Xeomin treatments is for chin dimpling. If you are someone who puckers your chin when you are thinking you may have developed a skin texture that makes your skin around your chin look like an orange. A little Botox or Xeomin will smooth it out and not change your thinking ability.

Botox or Xeomin treatments can relax your muscles. Treatments are easy to administer, and a Botox or Xeomin session takes only 15 or 20 minutes. Stop by for a visit (call first) or use my website form to get in contact with me. I would love to discuss how we can work together to smooth out some lines by using Botox or Xeomin and to help you to look younger and less stressed and enhance your mood and energy level.