Apologies to one and all for not blogging sooner.

However, now I have great news to share! I have reduced the cost of peels from $300 to $250 for the winter to urge you even more to peel away these winter days by freshening your skin! Peels take less than an hour to apply. The effect is basically that you peel in a few days for a few days as if you have had a bad sunburn. No tomato face for weeks nor pain and suffering. Itch is about the extent of your worries. The result if fresher, less lined, less spotted skin!

Winter is one of the best times of the year to receive a VI Peel. The low humidity and cool temperatures allow for the perfect patient experience.

The hot topic at ALL the educational meetings that I attended in the last year was hair regrowth-how to do it. Is anybody interested? Please get in touch.

There is a new filler for lips coming soon from Merz – the wonderful folk who make Radiesse and Xeomin – which will be MUCH LESS expensive! Stay tuned!!

If your skin is getting dry on your Retin-A this winter, come on in and get some Vitamin C Serum. It will brighten your skin without drying. You can also moisturize with the Intensive Recovery cream.

Stop by for a visit (call first) or use my website form to get in contact with me. I would love to discuss how we can work together.